Update on name election: USA Gymnastics Development Program

USA Gymnastics announced that “USA Gymnastics Development Program” will be the new name for the development program formerly known as the Junior Olympic program. For more information, click here.

Mileage Information

In an effort to be more cohesive across disciplines, the Women’s Program has updated the mileage reimbursement for judges to directly reflect that of the current IRS rate for the remaining 2020 season. Current rate is $0.575/mile. IRS mileage rate changes are announced in December of each year and will be posted on the USA […]

Professional Activity Reporting

There is a NEW button on GymJas called “Activity Reports”. It is the very last one on the Home Page (below Create a Contract). This form allows you to report professional activity (mock meets, in-gym experience, Training Camp, volunteering, etc.) related to your role as a NAWGJ gymnastics judge in case a report is […]