2021 Mileage Rate

The mileage reimbursement rate for officials will be $.56/mile effective January 1, 2021 to reflect the IRS rate.

New Mask and Covid-19 Recommendations

For the recommendations, please read point 9 of the October 2020 Technical Committee Minutes.

USAG Specific Judging Criteria Changes/Updates

Please take note of the following clarifications that USAG put out for this season regarding vault –

  1. The athlete run will NOT be scored for virtual AND in-person events for the 2020-2021 competition season.
  2. This will affect the following deductions for the below level(s):
    • Development Program (DP) Level 1: Only Up to 0.30 – Failure to maintain horizontal speed
    • DP Levels 2 and 3: Both Up to 0.30 – Failure to maintain horizontal speed AND Up to 0.30 – Insufficient acceleration during the run