NAWGJ Revised Code of Professional Responsibility- Rule #10

Rule 10 will now read:
A judge who has accepted a contract issued by NAWGJ and who later decides to decline the assignment, must communicate with the designated assigning official at the earliest possible time.
If there is an appropriate replacement available, the judge may be released from the contract; if not, the original contract shall remain valid. Non-compliance may be considered a violation of the
NAWGJ Code of Professional Responsibility and may be addressed accordingly. Exceptions may be made for emergency situations such as illness, family emergency, or other valid reasons.

2021 Mileage Rate

The mileage reimbursement rate for officials will be $.56/mile effective January 1, 2021 to reflect the IRS rate.

New Mask and Covid-19 Recommendations

For the recommendations, please read point 9 of the October 2020 Technical Committee Minutes.