PA/DE NAWGJ Informational Zoom Meeting on the National Judges Course Forms 5-30-2024

Here is the recording from the Zoom Meeting.
Please be aware the content outlines how to fill out the forms for the National and Brevet Judges Course and only pertains to Level 10 judges and above. 
Any questions from the recording can be directed to Connie Schultz, our CPE Coordinator, Linda Kothe or Laurie Lengel, Co-SJD or Jane Caruso, RTCC.
Please use Passcode: !q5N5$V6

Your input is needed!

Our Education Committee have created a survey to determine the educational needs of our membership.

Please check your email for the link to the survey!  Contact our SJD’s if you have not yet received the link.

**REMINDER** CPE form is due soon!

Your CPE form is due to Connie Schultz, our CPE coordinator, by Friday, May 31, 2024.
Please scan your form or take a photo of the form and send to Connie Schultz via email or make a copy of your form and send it via us mail.